Day 38

There’s a lot of crafting going on in here!  My aunt is making a candy corn display :)


Day 39

The sky was so beautiful when I was driving back from Macon.


Day 40

Chico unearthed forgotten cat toys.  I didn’t even think I had these anymore.  He must have found it under the bed.


Day 41

There’s a Bustafer in the yard!  My childhood cat’s, Slaightybelle, long time boyfriend.  Seriously, they are a couple. It’s the funniest thing.

Day 42

Atlanta’s Little 5 Points (neighborhood) parade.  It was epic!

Day 43

New hair color.  I went dark.  But, I tried to keep the blue and totally messed it up.  So, now I’m walking around with horrible hair for a couple of days to let me hair recover.

{not sure why the picture is so small, sorry}