My good friend Eric accompanied me to Paranormal Activity 2 last night.  He wrote a review for all of you.  Here is his take on the movie.  Also, his review writing is much better than mine.  It rocks!  Enjoy!

So rarely do sequels impress, that it’s almost unheard of for sequels to out-do the original. This holds true especially for horror movies.  Exorcist 2, not so good.  Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, not so much.  The Hills Have Eyes 2, eh.  And the list goes on.  Firstly, sequels have to continue in the same universe that the original created.  The rules stay the same, and in most cases, the story is pushed forward ever so slightly.  In addition to that, the plot is usually rehashed to fit into a different local, or to incorporate different characters facing similar dilemmas as the first movie.  Im not saying that this model is necessarily wrong, it just happens to be responsible for a lot of horrible sequels.  Enter a new paradigm;  “Realistic Horror”, “Found Footage“.  The first Paranormal Activity used this style expertly, creating a believable, yet terrifying portrait of demonic possession.  In Paranormal Activity 2, “Found Footage” may have finally found its mark.  I’ll admit, after seeing the first film, it took me a little while to fall asleep, with the little sounds my house and bed made.  The shock value of the first film kept me on edge for hours afterwards.  The sequel, in complete defiance of all horror movie rules, stepped it up, and delivered.

When I say in complete defiance, I mean it.  First off, a director change.  Oren Peli, a first timer with Paranormal Activity, handled both writing and directing of an ambitious project. This second time around, Tod Williams helms the film.  You may remember Williams from his work directing The Door in the Floor, Yeah, me neither.  However, Williams took Peli’s story and hit it out of the park.  He took a slightly different approach to the sequel, making both a prequel story, and a continuation story, all wrapped up into one horrific and terrifying package, and delivered it, screaming and jumping, into the minds of us eager horror junkies.
I won’t spoil all the surprises in store for you with this film.  I will say it left me scratching my head as to how they accomplished some of the effects, and left me with a sense of awe, considering that 11 years ago, a little film with an estimated budget of $60,000 called The Blair Witch Project shocked audiences with its seemingly realistic depictions of ghosts and hauntings, and led to these Paranormal Activity films, which not only shock audiences, but will straight up terrify some of them.
It’s nice to be scared sometimes.  This was one of those times.