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Ok, my title might be a little dramatic.  But that’s what it feels like.  Who knew buying a car is so emotional?  As I stated in my last post, I thought I found my car.  We spoke with the guy at the dealership about it, he promised not to sell it.  We waited over the holiday and then the weekend, giving up prime test driving days, in hopes of getting this car.  We had our mechanic look at it and we discussed the minor problems with the guy selling the car.  “No problem,” he said.

Well.  Yesterday, he changed his tune.  And started lying and back pedaling.  Dude.  We want to give you money for this car.  You have a dealership and you can’t even bother to have your mechanic give you an estimate on what the small, tiny repairs will cost?  Seriously?  You’re taking it to auction?  When we want to give you money?!!  Is this really happening?

So, tomorrow I have to start over.  I found a bunch of other great cars online and will visit them and test drive them tomorrow.  As much as I tried not to fall in love and have my heart set on this car, it happened.  And I’m disappointed.  It’s so cute.  And beautiful.  And me.

But, it’s all good.  At least I can get another car since the Civic died.  Any car in Atlanta is better than no car.  Or the bus (have I ever mentioned public transportation here is a joke?)


For almost all of the last week I was at my parents house.  And I didn’t bring my computer.  And I lived!  Shocking, right?

Thanksgiving was great and my mom, dad and I had a nice time hanging out together.  We test drove a lot of cars (my beloved old faithful died a couple of months ago).  I think we found the one for me, but I will save that for later, don’t want to jinx it.

As well all know, yesterday was Black Friday.  The dreaded (looked forward to?) and infamous of all shopping days.  And I braved it for a couple of hours.  Ya’ll, it was crazy.  And kind of exciting, because we can now all put up our Christmas decorations without scorn from our neighbors, yay for that!

There were people everywhere.  Like, it was a little hard to breath at some moments.  And stuff, everywhere.  People really lose their minds on Black Friday.  And everything was about 70% off so it was hard not to buy.  You guys, it’s totally not true when people say, “At a sale, the more you spend the more you save,” no.  The more you spend the more you spend.  (I need you guys to buy some cute headbands/earmuffs).

We went to the food court after a couple of hours.  It was also a maylay.  Fortunately, we didn’t stay at the mall for the entire day like we did when I was a kid.  Since I was 8 months old, my mom got me up at 6am to fight the traffic and the crowds to wait in a seemingly infinite line to sit in Santa’s lap.  Which I always hated.  I cried every year.  Mixed signals–don’t talk to strangers, don’t let strangers touch you, go sit in that strange man’s lap while we take pictures, stop crying, smile!

It was nice to pop by the mall for a few hours and then head home.  I really enjoyed it.  This Thanksgiving was nice.  Spending time with my parents was…great.

Then, last night I got to play Risk:  The Game of World Domination for the first time.  Ya’ll, I tend to shy away from team anything because I’m such a sore loser.  I would rather just give up than lose.  I got my ass handed to me.

I divided all of my troops by type.  In rows.  I may have a problem.  I then proceeded to take over Europe…

I held Europe for 2 turns.  It was awesome.  Then, the jackass I had a treaty with in North America betrayed me and kicked me out of the game.


So, after the game was over, like all good Atlantans, the first freeze of the season we left the comforts of the warm indoors to freeze our butts off next to a puny little fire.  It was totally worth it.

So, Christmas is coming up quickly.  And you probably have a friend who knits and are thinking, “Oh, I’m going to get him/her some yarn from a yarn shop in my neighborhood.  She’ll love that.”  Don’t do it.  Unless you’re going to buy at least 6 skeins in the same color and dye lot.  Then, it might be okay.

Here is a comprehensive list of what not to buy your knitting friends.  (Soon to be followed by a “What to Buy Your Knitting Friends” List)


These are all relevant, unless specified by your knitter.  If your knitter has requested a certain item, then by all means, get it.

  1. As stated above, never, ever buy your knitting friends yarn.  Just don’t do it.  We already have a yarn addiction.  The one or two skeins you may give us will just make the addiction worse.
  2. Knitting needles.  Chances are, we already own every size.
  3. And kind of knitting machine thingy.  They’re just weird.  And we’re hand knitters for a reason.  I know it might seem like a cool gift, but it totally goes against our beliefs in the art of knitting.
  4. A hand knitted item knitted by someone other than yourself.
  5. Random knitting books.  (I rather like the book featured above, but it isn’t really something I would gift).
  6. Did I mention how important it is not to buy them yarn?  Just checking.


I know I talk about Chico a lot, but I have two other babies in my life.  My beloved kitties, Caspian and Aravis.  And while I love Chico and Aravis to bits and can’t imagine life without them, my kitty soul mate is Caspian.  No one can quite make my smile or understand me like he does.   He is my heart.  He follows me around and talks to me and is always there for my to cry on his shoulder (or put his head on mine).  He is the peanut butter to my jelly, my sidekick.  I love him so much.

Well, he’s been MIA for the past 4 days.  My feline babies are inside/outside cats and he usually comes running as soon as my car hits my street.  But for 4 loooooong days, his sweet cries and pretty little eyes haven’t been waiting for my on the front porch when I get home.

I hope my baby will come home soon.  I miss him so much!

Day 66-Crocheting non stop until the order was done.

Day 67–Still working but taking time to model my work.  They are so warm!

Day 68–Wholesale order finally done and ready to go.  I put tags on them and everything.  I think they turned out nicely and the finished product (with tags) looked professional :)

Day 69-The tree on my street (which is now totally leafless) looked so beautiful with the colors swirling in the wind

Day 70–Doesn’t fatal mean death?  This is the ebay message I got when trying to get on it on my phone.  Which was probably good for me.

Day 71–Crocheting while enjoying coffee and friends at Trivia Night.  We totally came in last place.


So, this isn’t really a horror movie, per se, but it kind of falls into the category.  In the tradition of movies that came out 3 or 4 years ago, Skyline is a alien apocalypse movie.

This movie is so bad, it’s totally not worth seeing.  If for some reason you are going to see it, this is a spoiler alert.

First off, I just don’t get the whole thing with Eric Balfour.  I feel like he’s been crammed down my throat for the past ten years.  And he is usually “the hot guy.”  He’s a little weird looking, ya’ll.  But, whatever.  He’s not really hot and I totally don’t get why I’m constantly bombarded with him from HBO and movies.  Again, in this movie, he is the lead and is supposed to be hot.  Unbelievable.

Ok.  So, it starts off with a bright lights and some weird human captivating thing, and people are being sucked into the sky by alien ships that look like the Independence Day ships, but not as cool.  Right.  People being sucked into the sky, I’m down with this.  Bright lights, ok.  Right on.  Then, little ships come out of the big one and start breaking into apartments.  Question mark?  They can open doors?  And suck people in with a bright light that way?  Where is the logic?  And Balfour and his lady and his friends do a lot of arguing and screaming and messing with the blinds.  And then they go up on the roof with handguns because if there was a huge alien ship outside my window that is sucking people into the sky, the first thing I would think is going to kill them is a .35mm.

And then the aliens start attacking and the people on the roof are surprised.  Geez.

Then, they try to escape.  There is a lot of talk about making it to the marina.  Guess what?  They never make it there.  And, everyone dies.  The aliens win.  Oh yeah, did I mention that the aliens suck out human brains and that’s how they power their ships?  I bet you’re thinking, “If they’re powering their ships with human brains, how did they make it to earth in the first place?”  Great question.  The brains glow when they’re sucked out of the human.  Blue.  They glow blue.  Except for Eric Balfour’s.  His glows red because he’s special.

In conclusion, most of the explanation and logic of this movie seems to have been left of the cutting room floor.  Because they start to explain things and then forget about it.

I love fall.  Last week, Atlanta was freezing and this week it’s 70.  I am pining for some colder weather so I can bring out my fun, fall clothes.  Here’s some stuff I’m lusting after.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

{I love Modcloth, can you tell?}

You know how you had that best friend growing up?  Your childhood friend, you met when you were six months old and she was more like family than a friend.  And she had a sister she didn’t get along with.  And you were there for her to cry on your shoulder about the sister.  The sister was older and mean, but not unusually mean.  It’s just how siblings are.

But you were so close.  And you used to stay up all night, giggling and imagining if you were the sisters.  Your favorite thing to do was to stay up all night and make breakfast for your parents, but neither of you knew how to cook.  Oh, but it was so much fun.  You always used up all the eggs and made a complete mess of the kitchen, but it was okay because you were together.  In your little kid moment.

When you got to high school you chose different paths.  You were dark and “misunderstood” and sad.  She was happy and carefree and beautiful and talented.  Everyone liked her and you always felt like no one liked you.  You were the outsider.  Except for her.  She showed up for you and loved you through it, even through the drugs.  Not in a lesbian way, but in that undying, limitless friendship way.  Eventually, you came around and she was still there.

But, her sister got older, too.  And she moved into her sister’s apartment complex.  The two of them still fought occasionally, but they were getting closer.  The closer she got to her sister, the more she pulled away from you.  She was her sister’s maid of honor.  You thought she would be yours and you would be hers, but you realized her sister came first.  Years passed and now all you see of her is wall-to-wall posts between she and her sister, telling her to make time for her when she comes into town.  You can make time, too.  Would make time, would cancel all your plans for just thirty minutes of reconnection.

You haven’t spoken in years, but you miss her.  There is a friend sized hole in your life.  She was always there for you and you did your best to be there for her.  Since we were babies, it was you and her against the world, you know?

Oh, you don’t know?  You don’t have a friend like that?  Oh…well, it’s sad.

Day 56–The beginning of November!! Out with a friend

Day 57–Out at Trivia with friends, knitting a hat.  We came in third!

Day 58–Completed hat.  I definitely missed a few steps.  I might need to frog it and start over.

Day 59–The cutest little face.  The thing is, he positioned himself this way and I just happened to come upon him.

Day 60–My attempt at matching a faux finish.  It was a major fail.  Major.

Day 61–Basking in the glory of having been cleaning my closet out for several hours.  And finding this sweater.  Which I decided to donate.

Day 62–My grandmother’s folded hands at my uncle’s Unveiling Ceremony.

Day 63–I made an ear warmer because I wanted one.  Then I looked at it and thought, cat ears will make this a lot better.  After I figured out the cat ears, it needed something else…a bow!  I posted a pic on twitter and facebook and, so far, have sold nine.  If you want one, let me know!  They’re super fun to make.

Day 64–This looks like a mugshot, but I was trying to take a straight on photo to upload to a glasses website.  Which was amazing.  I was able to see what all of the glasses would look like on.

Day 65–Car shopping.  I went with my uncle and while we were looking at cars for me, we checked out a Honda Odessey for my grandmother!  It’s cute, but let’s face it, it’s still a van.




Lately, I haven’t been feeling that great about how I look.  For most of my life, I’ve been super thin.  Like, almost sickly looking, but that is how I’ve liked it.  And I suffered from anorexia for a loooong time.  This past year is the first year (besides a few eating relapses) that I’ve let go.  While it’s always in the back of my mind, like any addiction, I’ve managed to live without restricting my food intake.  Unfortunately, this means I’ve gained a little weight.  While I know I look normal and logically I know I’m not fat, I just feel awful.  Thing is, I don’t exercise.  I hate to run and joining any kind of gym costs money.  Exercising is expensive, yo!

Over the weekend, I decided I’d had enough.  Most of my clothes are XS or S or 0’s or 2’s.  They just don’t fit anymore and trying to squeeze into them makes me feel like a fat blob.  I decided to get rid of every piece of clothing, underwear and all, that makes me feel fat.  I did a major cleaning.  In years past, I bought children’s size 10 or 12 underwear and felt good that I was able to fit sizes so small.  And, now I have a real adult body and trying to squeeze into kids’ sized underwear would make anyone feel fat.  It’s all gone.  I went and bought new, adult sized underwear.  Guess what?  It doesn’t make me feel fat, it actually fits.  It has room for my normal sized butt.  Shocking, right?

I went for a walk yesterday.  An exercise walk.  And while I didn’t necessarily enjoy it, I listened to a book and walked for about an hour.  It was great for my self esteem.  I want to continue doing it.  I’m not going to make an exercising declaration like I have in the past, but I hope I keep going.  For me.  This past year I’ve learned to build myself up and to stop tearing myself down.  I can no longer hope the weight or bad thoughts or whatever will go away, I have to take action.  These are the first steps.

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