Day 56–The beginning of November!! Out with a friend

Day 57–Out at Trivia with friends, knitting a hat.  We came in third!

Day 58–Completed hat.  I definitely missed a few steps.  I might need to frog it and start over.

Day 59–The cutest little face.  The thing is, he positioned himself this way and I just happened to come upon him.

Day 60–My attempt at matching a faux finish.  It was a major fail.  Major.

Day 61–Basking in the glory of having been cleaning my closet out for several hours.  And finding this sweater.  Which I decided to donate.

Day 62–My grandmother’s folded hands at my uncle’s Unveiling Ceremony.

Day 63–I made an ear warmer because I wanted one.  Then I looked at it and thought, cat ears will make this a lot better.  After I figured out the cat ears, it needed something else…a bow!  I posted a pic on twitter and facebook and, so far, have sold nine.  If you want one, let me know!  They’re super fun to make.

Day 64–This looks like a mugshot, but I was trying to take a straight on photo to upload to a glasses website.  Which was amazing.  I was able to see what all of the glasses would look like on.

Day 65–Car shopping.  I went with my uncle and while we were looking at cars for me, we checked out a Honda Odessey for my grandmother!  It’s cute, but let’s face it, it’s still a van.