So, this isn’t really a horror movie, per se, but it kind of falls into the category.  In the tradition of movies that came out 3 or 4 years ago, Skyline is a alien apocalypse movie.

This movie is so bad, it’s totally not worth seeing.  If for some reason you are going to see it, this is a spoiler alert.

First off, I just don’t get the whole thing with Eric Balfour.  I feel like he’s been crammed down my throat for the past ten years.  And he is usually “the hot guy.”  He’s a little weird looking, ya’ll.  But, whatever.  He’s not really hot and I totally don’t get why I’m constantly bombarded with him from HBO and movies.  Again, in this movie, he is the lead and is supposed to be hot.  Unbelievable.

Ok.  So, it starts off with a bright lights and some weird human captivating thing, and people are being sucked into the sky by alien ships that look like the Independence Day ships, but not as cool.  Right.  People being sucked into the sky, I’m down with this.  Bright lights, ok.  Right on.  Then, little ships come out of the big one and start breaking into apartments.  Question mark?  They can open doors?  And suck people in with a bright light that way?  Where is the logic?  And Balfour and his lady and his friends do a lot of arguing and screaming and messing with the blinds.  And then they go up on the roof with handguns because if there was a huge alien ship outside my window that is sucking people into the sky, the first thing I would think is going to kill them is a .35mm.

And then the aliens start attacking and the people on the roof are surprised.  Geez.

Then, they try to escape.  There is a lot of talk about making it to the marina.  Guess what?  They never make it there.  And, everyone dies.  The aliens win.  Oh yeah, did I mention that the aliens suck out human brains and that’s how they power their ships?  I bet you’re thinking, “If they’re powering their ships with human brains, how did they make it to earth in the first place?”  Great question.  The brains glow when they’re sucked out of the human.  Blue.  They glow blue.  Except for Eric Balfour’s.  His glows red because he’s special.

In conclusion, most of the explanation and logic of this movie seems to have been left of the cutting room floor.  Because they start to explain things and then forget about it.