I know I talk about Chico a lot, but I have two other babies in my life.  My beloved kitties, Caspian and Aravis.  And while I love Chico and Aravis to bits and can’t imagine life without them, my kitty soul mate is Caspian.  No one can quite make my smile or understand me like he does.   He is my heart.  He follows me around and talks to me and is always there for my to cry on his shoulder (or put his head on mine).  He is the peanut butter to my jelly, my sidekick.  I love him so much.

Well, he’s been MIA for the past 4 days.  My feline babies are inside/outside cats and he usually comes running as soon as my car hits my street.  But for 4 loooooong days, his sweet cries and pretty little eyes haven’t been waiting for my on the front porch when I get home.

I hope my baby will come home soon.  I miss him so much!