So, Christmas is coming up quickly.  And you probably have a friend who knits and are thinking, “Oh, I’m going to get him/her some yarn from a yarn shop in my neighborhood.  She’ll love that.”  Don’t do it.  Unless you’re going to buy at least 6 skeins in the same color and dye lot.  Then, it might be okay.

Here is a comprehensive list of what not to buy your knitting friends.  (Soon to be followed by a “What to Buy Your Knitting Friends” List)


These are all relevant, unless specified by your knitter.  If your knitter has requested a certain item, then by all means, get it.

  1. As stated above, never, ever buy your knitting friends yarn.  Just don’t do it.  We already have a yarn addiction.  The one or two skeins you may give us will just make the addiction worse.
  2. Knitting needles.  Chances are, we already own every size.
  3. And kind of knitting machine thingy.  They’re just weird.  And we’re hand knitters for a reason.  I know it might seem like a cool gift, but it totally goes against our beliefs in the art of knitting.
  4. A hand knitted item knitted by someone other than yourself.
  5. Random knitting books.  (I rather like the book featured above, but it isn’t really something I would gift).
  6. Did I mention how important it is not to buy them yarn?  Just checking.