For almost all of the last week I was at my parents house.  And I didn’t bring my computer.  And I lived!  Shocking, right?

Thanksgiving was great and my mom, dad and I had a nice time hanging out together.  We test drove a lot of cars (my beloved old faithful died a couple of months ago).  I think we found the one for me, but I will save that for later, don’t want to jinx it.

As well all know, yesterday was Black Friday.  The dreaded (looked forward to?) and infamous of all shopping days.  And I braved it for a couple of hours.  Ya’ll, it was crazy.  And kind of exciting, because we can now all put up our Christmas decorations without scorn from our neighbors, yay for that!

There were people everywhere.  Like, it was a little hard to breath at some moments.  And stuff, everywhere.  People really lose their minds on Black Friday.  And everything was about 70% off so it was hard not to buy.  You guys, it’s totally not true when people say, “At a sale, the more you spend the more you save,” no.  The more you spend the more you spend.  (I need you guys to buy some cute headbands/earmuffs).

We went to the food court after a couple of hours.  It was also a maylay.  Fortunately, we didn’t stay at the mall for the entire day like we did when I was a kid.  Since I was 8 months old, my mom got me up at 6am to fight the traffic and the crowds to wait in a seemingly infinite line to sit in Santa’s lap.  Which I always hated.  I cried every year.  Mixed signals–don’t talk to strangers, don’t let strangers touch you, go sit in that strange man’s lap while we take pictures, stop crying, smile!

It was nice to pop by the mall for a few hours and then head home.  I really enjoyed it.  This Thanksgiving was nice.  Spending time with my parents was…great.

Then, last night I got to play Risk:  The Game of World Domination for the first time.  Ya’ll, I tend to shy away from team anything because I’m such a sore loser.  I would rather just give up than lose.  I got my ass handed to me.

I divided all of my troops by type.  In rows.  I may have a problem.  I then proceeded to take over Europe…

I held Europe for 2 turns.  It was awesome.  Then, the jackass I had a treaty with in North America betrayed me and kicked me out of the game.


So, after the game was over, like all good Atlantans, the first freeze of the season we left the comforts of the warm indoors to freeze our butts off next to a puny little fire.  It was totally worth it.