Yes, that’s a line from Almost Famous.  I feel like I have to tell people that because they never seem to get my reference.

Anyway…guess what?!  I got the car!  I don’t have pictures of it yet because I decided to go out of town yesterday.  In defeat.  I didn’t think it was going to happen.  Obviously, from this.  I was totally letting it get me down.  I woke up sick yesterday and called my aunt and asked her to come get me.  (Don’t worry, I have a legion of guard gnomes at my house protecting it.)  So, I won’t actually have the car keys in my possession until tomorrow, but it’s been paid for and it in my parents’ driveway.  They are awesome like that.  I can’t wait to show you pictures of me posing next to it and jumping up and down.  It was my dream car when I was 16, I begged my parents for one.  But I wanted lime green.  I’m so happy this one is black and not lime green.

On another and completely unrelated note, I’m growing my hair out.  Maybe to donate again, not sure if I can make that commitment.  But, I’m over the short hair.  This is how long my hair was before I chopped it all off 2 1/2 years ago:

(About this picture, I would like to say that I didn’t know anything about taking pictures then (not that I have tons of knowledge now, but I have grown a lot as a photographer since this pic) and my identity at this time was completely about being the hot girl…I can’t even relate with the person in this picture now…weird how that works, huh?)

Then, I took this picture:

of Twiggy to Salon Red in Decatur and had my hair cut off to look like this:

And since then, I’ve had my hair pretty short.  Never long enough to touch my shoulders and definitely not long enough to pull back, which I mis.  I think once it gets long enough to style in different ways, I will probably stop and give up my wish to grow it long enough to donate.  Although that would be really nice and altruistic of me to keep going.  I feel really bored of my hair right now.  Same. Thing. Every. Day.  What do you think?