I have compiled my list of things I would like.  And I think it makes a pretty great gift guide.  So, here you go! See full list here.

  1. Fujifilm Instax MINI 7s White Instant Film Camera
  2. Look Who’s Calling Salt and Pepper Shakers
  3. Lomography OKTOMAT Compact 35mm Camera with 8 Serial Lenses
  4. Kaleidoscope Ceramic Apothecary Chest
  5. Beginner Knitter’s Tool Set
  6. Chocolat Fraises Teacup
  7. The Knitting Necklace
  8. Workday Recovery Kit
  9. Go With the Flow Sink Paperclip Holder
  10. Velvet Angels Naked Lunch Wedge Bootie
  11. Twinkles Big City Knits
  12. Fancy Mustache Necklace
  13. Standing Fox Ring
  14. Diana Instant Black+
  15. Modern Top Down Knitting
  16. Bocote Wood Inlay Titanium Ring
  17. Golden Half Camera-Telepathy
  18. Sterling Silver Swinging Pin-up Girl
  19. Lensbaby SLR Lenses
  20. Lomography Sprocket Rocket
  21. “The Scream” Icetray
  22. (This is 22 A, I just realized I left the number out for the ring but am too lazy to renumber them…it’s a lot of work) Bumpy Road Ring (This is 22B) Modern Baby Clock-Owl
  23. Professional Filter Kit
  24. Kundalini Yoga
  25. Sigma 70-300mm Lens
  26. Diana F+
  27. Anodized!  Brilliant Colors & Bold Designs for Aluminum Jewelry
  28. Droog Sticky Lamp
  29. Sterling Silver Honey Knuckles II
  30. Urban Spectacles
  31. Bone Chillers Ice Tray
  32. Jewelry Design Challenge
  33. Woodsy Robin
  34. Mario Batali 5-Piece Prep Bowl Set
  35. Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece Suit
  36. Twinkle’s Weekend Knits
  37. Nesting Dolls Love Hate
  38. 30 Minute Necklaces
  39. Headband Icognito
  40. The Skinny on Will Power
  41. Nikon Filter Protection 77mm

(OMG, that took forever.  ‘phew’  I hope you guys enjoy this list :)