Day 72–My mom and I found a new awesome coffee shop in my neighborhood (well, new to me).  They had pumpkin cupcakes!  High tea every day at 5pm…love!

Day 73–Went to see Harry Potter the day is came out!  I can’t believe there is only one more new Harry Potter thing, ever!  It’s kind of sad.

Day 74–Went bowling with friends, they bowled, I knitted.

Day 75–Completed my first, but definitely not my last children’s bears ears.  So cute :)

76–Sick day in bed with my baby

Day 77–Decorating the family Christmas tree…alone.  This is a family tradition I love, but my dad was at tennis practice, my mom was tired and my brother was in Florida.  It was still nice

Day 78–Playing with my camera and taking fun pictures of mom’s kitchen Christmas tree.  That’s right, I said kitchen.  She has several trees.  My parents house looks like a spread in Southern Living‘s Christmas issue.  They go all out and it’s beautiful.

79–The Catholic spread in the mechanic’s office.  I thought it was a little creepy for the setting.

Day 80–AJ trying to get some play time and love from my grandfather

Day 81–Trying to take sexy pictures while driving.  This never works. (My hair looked really good that day)

Day 82–A friend of mine’s organization.

Day 83–Hanging out with my friend in the sculpture studio.  She’s perfecting her pieces before she fires them.

Day 84–Hanging with my brother and Chico the Great

Day 85–Crocheting.  Aravis is telling me all about her day, she’s a talker, that one.

Day 86–Yellow Nails!!

Day 87–My friend Megan and I being cool outside of a gallery show opening.  Yes, we are smoking.  Don’t do like us!