As I have alluded to in several posts, I have been selling earmuff/headbands that I created.  I’ve only sold one online in my shop, but a lot to friends and friends of friends.  It’s been awesome.  Like, I read blogs of professional knitters and I think, “I wish I could do that, that’s awesome,” and now I am.  While it probably won’t turn into a full time career any time soon, I’ve been doing it full time for right now.  It’s been incredible.  Even though being a professional knitter isn’t as glamorous as I thought it would be (there’s a lot of watching Law and Order:  SVU and Glee and Everybody Loves Raymond) it’s pretty damn glamorous.  And in honor of this wonder that is selling stuff I have made to people and them liking it and their friends wanting to buy stuff and me feeling awesome, I want to offer 20% off to you, dear reader.  Until December 19th (if you want it to get to you by Christmas, I need your order in by the 16th).

So, thank you to people who like and have bought an earmuff/headband thingy.  They really do keep your ears warm, and since the lovely ATL has taken an early turn for the cold, I’m glad I made myself one.

Thanks, guys!

(If you didn’t get it, the coupon code is dreambig…one word)