Day 88–Art show with a friend.  We had a blast, but I, unfortunately, decided to wear really cute but really uncomfortable shoes

Day 89–Back to Macon with Chico in tow.  I can’t remember what he wanted here, but he was in a stare down

Day 90–Went to a Christmas music think at my grandparents’ church.  My grandfather was playing with his horn group.  They did a great job!

Day 91–Some left over yarn from my a headband I was making.

92–My childhood cat, Slaightybelle, trying to photo bomb pictures for my shop.

Day 93–Hanging out with the lil’ bro and Chico on a cold day

94–Eating out with friends.  It had been unseasonably cold for several days and I remember us talking about how cold we were.  We’re still cold.

Day 95–Some of the headband and scarf stash.

Day 96–A the GSU Scultpture Department’s Iron Pour.  We had a blast!

Day 97–Helping my friend finish painting her amazing pieces

Day 98–Trivia night!

Day 99–I got in the holiday spirit a little and hung a wreath on my door.