Because this blog was started and inspired by knitting, I need to add a little more knitting talk around here.  So, welcome to Meet a Knitter Monday.  First up, Mrs. Kyla Roma!  My beautiful and talented knitting friend and blogger.  Here is a fun peek into her knitting world :)


How did you get into knitting?
I started knitting when I was about to move out of my mom’s house. We decided to knit together so we could have a weekly meet up to help us stay in touch after I’d left. She ended up not liking it as much as she’d hoped to, but I loved it! I started reading up online and trying to meet new friends who were into it too.

When I began knitting, I received a lot of flack from my friends; did you experience any adversity due to your love of fiber arts?
Definitely not, I think my friends had more problems understanding why I was blogging than why I was knitting! I’ve always been into odd little niche hobbies (I love canning too!) so I think they weren’t surprised that I was doing more things that 80 year old women like. I’ve seen young women knitting on busses and around my university since I started, so it never seemed strange to me- just interesting!
What’s your process like when you choose and/or begin a project?
Most of my projects start with a need, in the prairies it gets really cold and you have to wear a jacket for a good part of the year. I only have a couple of jackets so I started knitting to have a bright, fashionable addition to my closet- and my love of big chunky knits grew from there! I experiment a lot and have lots of fun with dreaming up new ideas.
You have some lovely knits in your shop.  What is your designing process like?
My designing process really follows my heart- I’ll start experimenting with designing a piece that I’ve been wishing for, or start altering previous designs. I have a binder where I keep track of all my pieces and keep notes on them, so once I’m finished an etsy photo shoot I can write my pattern and wool information onto the listing. It’s like a visual dictionary of my designs that I think will come in really handy in a year or so when I’ve changed all my patterns again!
Who are some of the knitters you look up to (if any)?
I get my inspiration from all over! From other etsy artists who have amazing and unique work, and from the knits that I see on European street style blogs- anyone who is turning out beautiful knits or making their living from knitting gets me completely inspired!
Do you have a favorite yarn?
Wool and the Gang’s Crazy Sexy Wool! I wish everything in my life was made out of this! Except maybe my husband, and Eggos :)

Most importantly, if you could be a centaur or a unicorn, which one would you be and why?

A unicorn! If I was a centaur I would probably have to learn to play a woodwind instrument of some kind, and I’m not a fan. I’d rather have an awesome magical horn!

Do you ever knit in public?  If so, where are you favorite places to knit?
I do! I used to knit on my way to work when I took the bus and now thanks to my knitting club, I knit in public every week. It’s lots of fun and you would be surprised at how many people come up and ask questions! My favourite place is on my front porch in the early summer, in a warm sunbeam.
Thanks for participating, Kyla!  You rock!  Visit her awesome blog here & her adorable shop A Little Thistle.