Day 100–My friend (and I, although not pictured) being ridiculous in the costume shop.  We really found a diamond in the rough here.  We were in there for an hour trying on costumes and wigs and generally being ridiculous.  The shop keeper was thrilled.

Day 101–Here is Ms. YoDude at a friend’s b-day party.  Couldn’t miss a photo-op of this face.

Day 102–Knitting at game night.  Yeah, knitting is tough, yo!

Day 103–The smallest Santa I’ve ever seen.  He had red running pants on.  It’s was ridic.

Day 104–A fun day of skin care that I will tell you more about next week!

Day 105–Hanging out in the cold taking pictures of myself.  Doesn’t everyone do that with their phones?

106–A casualty of Christmas.  I was out walking really early this morning (it was still dark) and I saw this on the sidewalk.  At first, I thought it was a dead animal or something.  Upon closer glance, I realized it was a dinosaur.