2010 was an interesting year for me.  Very interesting.  Definitely the most life changing year I’ve ever had and definitely the best year.  Despite losing almost everything that I thought was really important, I’ve never been happier.  Life couldn’t be better.  Chico’s father walked out on us, but I needed it.  We weren’t good together.  I lost my job, but if that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be going back to school.  Which I need to do.  I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.

This year, I also stopped being angry.  Because of this, I lost a lot of my readership, which, was hard at first.  I felt like I was doing so much great stuff and changing so much and there were less readers.  But, I’m slowly getting it back.  If I never get as many readers, it’ll be ok.  I feel at peace with myself and the world.  I don’t need to write about my anger anymore.  I don’t need to feel so outraged.  I realized I’m not being victimized by the world.  Everything just is.

I was driving earlier this week, and I was overcome with serenity.  “I love my life,” I thought.  Then I realized I’ve never, really, seriously thought that and totally meant it before.  In 2010, the lights in my mind were turned on.  Every day I work on myself a little more and the lights get a little brighter.

Here’s to an equally, if not more magical 2011.  I can’t wait.

(Oh, and guess what?!  My room is clean, can you believe it?)