Day 107- Christmas!  It’s become a tradition that I wrap my head in bows every year.  And then I wore this out with friends…yes, I wore it out.  It was awesome.  My friends told me they prefer me with the bows, not sure how to take that.

Day 108–He’s sleeping, shhh!  Christmas excitement tired him out for days!

Day 109–My neighbors’ crazy lights.  The one with the blue and orange will have theirs up until April.

Day 110–At a trucker karaoke bar.  It was intensely redneck.

Day 111–Babysitting.

Day 112–Grocery shopping.  Yes, this is a real thing.  I just had to have a picture.

Day 113–Miss Aravis stalking Chico.  They’re ridiculous.

Day 114–Hanging out with some lovely friends.  This nice tree was up at a place in the Village.

Day 115–Me and Chico playing with the new computer’s camera.  It’s awesome

Day 116–First day of school.  Our IT dude gave a speech and I think he was just trying to scare us.  Unnecessary.   OMG, I’m so overwhelmed.  I’m doing a little sitting and crying.