This week I started art school and it’s been crazy.  The first assignment in my first class was pretty intense.  She told us that the assignment isn’t an excuse to not sleep all week, it’s that much work.  I got it done, though.

Art school is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  No one cares that I am a writer or that I went to school for writing.  We’re not doing any writing and we’re not even thinking about doing anything that has to do with writing.  Which is cool, but very weird for me.

I’ve met a lot of new, awesome people.  My schedule is crazy and new and I’m adjusting.  I hate change.  So, having a different schedule psychs me out a little, but I know it’ll be ok :)

I feel like I need a warning label.  These people aren’t used to me and my craziness.  WARNING: Explosive material inside!

It’s a new day!