In case you didn’t know, it snowed in Atlanta Sunday night.  Then again yesterday, along with sleet and now we’re all trapped in our houses.  The roads are ice sheets.  It’s funny that the whole city is shut down.  Literally.  I ventured out yesterday (I knew I would be crazy if I sat in the house alone all day) and walked about 3 miles to a coffee shop in another neighborhood.  Like a good blogger, I took plenty of pictures.

(please bear with my pictures as I get used to my mac)

Then, today, I woke up feeling less than great, but I just thought that was due to the boredom and feeling shitty about sleeping late.  I’ve been up for 3 hours now and I have a fever.  So, I’m going to take a nap, with the help of some Nyquil and hope that I feel better.  I can’t afford to be sick right now!

I have yet to get into a snowball fight and am hoping I feel good enough to partake later tonight :)