The other day I was having a conversation with someone.  It went a little something like this:

me: How are things, blah, blah, blah, did you get all of your school supplies yet?

him:  Oh yeah, I got most of them for free.  Yeah, go me.

me:  (raising an eyebrow) Oh, really…that’s pretty awesome.  (secretly jealous he has friends who went to the same school years earlier and still have all of their supplies)

him:  Yeah, I stole them.

me: (shocked stare)…Did you say you stole them?

him: (chuckle) Yeah.

me:  As in shoplifted?!

him: Yeah.  I mean, I need that stuff.  I don’t have money.  So I went and took it.

me:  …the fuck, are you kidding me?

him:  No way.  I took it and now it’s mine.

me:  This might not work out.

I didn’t think real people shoplifted after the age of 16.  I never did it when  I was 16, but I knew a lot of people who did.  And homeless people.  I hear homeless people shoplift.  But I don’t know any of them.  And I certainly never met any 20 somethings who seem completely (that’s a lie) normal who do it.  Geez…