Since I’ve become less angry, I am finding I have less things to blog about.  Not to mention, school started and Snowpocalypse happened.  So, Shit I Wore (aka:  SIW) is going to replace my 365 Project and will hopefully get me thinking about writing.  I have lost interest in the 365 and I’ve been getting really stressed out about all the pictures I need to post from the last 2 weeks and it’s just not worth being stressed over.  I love getting dressed, and I love fashion and make up and how these things let me express myself.  So, I’m going to share.

Before you see these pics, let me preface by saying that they’re really bad.  They didn’t turn out how I wanted at all, but I tried, so I’m going to put them up.  Also, I feel like I look really fat in them.  No, I promise I’m not just saying this to get sympathy, I feel like I look fat.  Honesty, it’s what’s for dinner.

Apparently, I forgot how to pose for pictures because I ended up looking angry and constipated.  Hey, it happens.  I’ll get better.

This girl came up to me at school today and said, “Where do you get your haircut?!!  I love it!” and I thought, “This girl must be drunk” because, you see, I’m growing my hair out and it’s in this really strange in between being really short and being a chin length cut.  Then she went on to tell me, “I tried to get my haircut like that last week and they wouldn’t do it at the salon I went to” which I thought was curious.  Why would a business refuse money?  Well, “I love the Cora cut.  Your hair is just like hers.” Cora?  I thought to myself.  Coraline?  “Cora?” I asked.  “Oh,” she said, rolling her eyes and answering knowingly, “from Tron.I guess my bad hair is from Tron.  Since I’m the only person I know who has seen that movie, I will go ahead and tell you that while watching it, I kept thinking that if I were the actress, I wouldn’t have let them cut my hair like that.  I’m not sure if I’m flattered or insulted yet.

While I was taking the pictures for this, I remembered I never followed up with pictures of my tattoo.  So, here they are.

Sweater: Calvin Klein
Jeans:  Calvin Klein
Shirt:  Target
Necklace:  Therhouse
Shoes:  Pink

Have a great weekend!