My lovely blogging friend, Jenny from The Bloggess, wrote an awesome post yesterday about mental illness and coming out about it (taking a cue from Michael Kimber, who made this incredible video and if you know anyone who suffers from mental illness, you suffer from mental illness or if you’re just a human being, you need to watch it just do it!!!

Phew, wow, that was a lot of linkage.

This is all fitting because I’ve been whining complaining bitching telling you about how I’ve been feeling really fat.  The thing is, I’ve been exercising on a regular basis for the first time in my life (at least in a healthy way).  And eating a healthy diet.  Doing these things and continuing to gain weight I’ve started to beat myself up and feel hopeless.  Fortunately, I was talking to a friend the other day about a medication she’s on that I’m on and how she stopped taking it and lost weight.  So, it finally hit me that maybe it’s the medication and not me.  I called my doctor and he confirmed that yes, indeed it is the medication!  Joy!! This is the second time he’s prescribed me a medication that has made me gain weight.  I’m a recovering anorexic (one of those things you’re always “recovering” from), it is never acceptable to give me meds that make me gain weight.

Anyway.  Watch the video, it’s long but worth it.  It made me tear up because I can relate soooooo much.  Share it with your friends and family who suffer!  We don’t have to suffer in silence anymore, it’s a great thing!

P.S.–There is a wonderful organization To Write Love on Her Arms that is near and dear to my heart.  They work to prevent self harm and suicide.  You can support them by going to their website or by clicking the banner on my sidebar (keep scrolling)