Do you sometimes come into contact with several interesting people or situations in close proximation to one another and you feel like it couldn’t possibly be real?  Like, someone got together with all of them and was like, let’s play a joke?

So, remember when I told you about The Shoplifter?  That whole thing was surreal.  Not to mention he turned into a complete psycho in class over the next few weeks, which was more the part that was surreal.  And the snow added.  It was like this art school bubble of a trauma bond.  But seriously.  Complete.  Psycho.

Then, I was forced to move against my will, which, if you read here often, I’ve complained about ad nauseum.  Then there was the poster that was trying to suck out all of my strength and sanity.

Then, I recently hung out with a dude from school who is over 30 and a virgin.  And possibly a sociopath.  That’s right.  A virgin sociopath.  Self admitted.  Roomio said that if he was a virgin at that age, he’s be angry too.  I think they might be linked.  The more sociopathy the less ladies.  JS, guys, JS.

Not to mention, my ovary is broken and it’s trying to kill me slowly through nausea and achiness.

And, this morning, Chico got a bath.  That’s not really weird, but he’s all nice and shiny and cute and smells nice now.  He looked sooooo pathetic, ya’ll.

Have a great Monday!