OMG.  I don’t understand how I can have a broken ovary that is making my life miserable for over a week and the doctor won’t see me until Thursday.  When I get there, I’m going to make sure I throw up all over the place in the lobby to make sure they appreciate how long I’ve had to wait for them to see me while it’s gotten worse and worse.  Asses.

Anyway, here is something awesome I made for Roomio:

I think I’m going to start communicating by writing things on speech bubbles and taping them to the walls.  Everywhere.  School, home, parents’ home (although there won’t be any 4 letter words), bar, you get it.  But especially at school and home.

And then here is something one of my teachers was making while we were presenting.  Seriously.

In case you can’t tell what that is, it’s an embroidered orange peel.  Yeah.

P.S.–I watched American Psycho last night (again), then this weird movie about a parking lot, but anyway, American Psycho.  I LOVE that movie.  While watching it, I was a little disturbed by how much I love it.  But the whole, “Evelyn, I work because I want to fit in!”  Great.