I have to stop with the late night caffeine.  Seriously.  This is the second night this week I’ve sat awake at sleepy time.  And, I’m a little annoyed because I should be doing homework if I’m not sleeping, but I’ve just been looking around the internets.  ‘le sigh’

I’ve been feeling a little weird lately.  Probably because I just started school after being out for a couple of years and it’s new and everyone there is new and I don’t know where I fit and I had to move and I haven’t had time for my friends or anything really.  Though, I have managed to squeeze in a few naps.

Since moving to the new neighborhood, I haven’t been running.  I knew my other neighborhood so well and I’m unfamiliar with the people here (the street people, I don’t know if they’re dangerous or not) and I’m unfamiliar with the streets.  And I’m lazy.  I have been working really really hard at school, but as far as exercising goes, I’m lazy.  It was fine when all I had to do was knit and watch tv, but now that there’s a schedule, I don’t want to do it.  Kind of like how I never want to clean and organize until I have something due.  Then I’m all over it, like, “I can’t be creative in this cluttered environment, I need to reorganize everything RIGHT NOW, then I can get my work done.

Roomio and I did hang shelves the other day and organize, I took pictures.  But, my camera card is about 10 feet away and I’m too lazy to get off the bed and get it.  Maybe tomorrow…