A few years ago, all of my favorite CDs were stolen out of my car while I slept (my window was also broken).  So, I’ve been listening to the radio pretty much since then.  I don’t have a cord to connect my iPod to my stereo, either.  I used to be one of those people who never listened to the radio and had no idea what was going on as far as pop culture and music.  But, having your car broken into several times will change that.

Lately, I’m really, really over the radio.  So, I’ve been going  through my old CDs.  Not all of them, just the mixes.  I have no idea what’s on them because they all have names like, Poop on a Stick, Windsor’s Wonderful Mix or Random Mix (there are about 5 of these).  I also have no idea when these CDs were made.  My handwriting looks the same and there’s no information, other than the name.  It’s been awesome.

I can tell the approximate year each mix was created because of the songs.  Like, there are several with lots of Beatles songs and I know I made those around my senior year in high school.  My Beatles phase.  Shockingly, I never really heard the Beatles until then.  We listened to mostly Christian and some classic rock (strangely, this didn’t include the Beatles) in my childhood home.  I didn’t hear most music until my senior year in high school and the first couple years of college.

Then there are several mixes with the song Golden Brown by the Stranglers.  I know these were made sometime between 11th grade and my freshman year in college.  To this day, it’s still my favorite song.  It’s the song in Snatch where the gypsies are discussing whether or not to kill Tommy.  It sounds like pirate music.  I got to a point in my mix making where I had to consciously not put it on CDs.

Then there are songs by The Cars and I know that was when I was 19 because I worked at a restaurant where one of my coworkers and I wore ribbons in our hair just to be silly because of the song.  And there’s some Emo  music and I know that was 10th grade.  And The Postal Service is winter of 2003, I remember listening to one song and loving it while driving out of a friend’s parking garage.

It’s amazing how music takes me back.  I’m also impressed with my memory.  Every song takes me right back to the time I listened to it and what was going on.  A weird walk down memory lane.