If you haven’t seen the trailer for The Adjustment Bureau, watch it:

It’s advertised as if it’s a thriller.  At least a thriller.  Maybe even a psychological thriller.

It’s advertised that way, but it’s not like that at all.  One of my friends described it as a romantic thriller (is that a thing?)  I disagree.  It’s not very thrilling and it’s predictable.  They did a great job with the cinematography and the effects, but the story is just stupid.  Seriously.  And it’s about God, but no one is calling him God, they refer to him as “The Chairman.”  There are these other stalkerish, OCD characters running around who are angels, but no one is calling them angels.  I spent most of the movie feeling like it was on the cusp of being awesome, knowing something was about to happen to make up for all of the lameness, then the credits came up.

Wait until it comes out on video.