Ya’ll, I love TV.  I have it on all the time.  Seriously, all the time.  I like the house filled with voices and I have such a short attention span that I need to have more than one thing to pay attention to at a time.  And since I knit all the time and more recently, working on school projects non stop, having the TV on makes both activities less boring.  Like, it’s hard for me to watch foreign films (even though I love them) because I can’t knit and read.  I’ve tried and it just doesn’t work.

Since I moved and because I’m now a full time student living on a loan, I decided cable is probably an expense I can do without (Comcast, you’re the devil).  The first week was fine.  The second week a little hard.  The third and fourth weeks, even harder and then something amazing happened–I got over it.  I don’t really miss cable or even think about it that much.  I still have TV, but limited channels and those work fine for me, mostly because I can watch the Today Show and Dr. Phil (gotta get my Phil at 5).  I must admit that I have Netflix streaming into the television through my Wii, so even though there isn’t any cable, there is still movie watching.  But, I have my TV in my room (I’ve had a TV in my room since I turned 12) and it isn’t plugged in and I’m not sure I want it plugged in.  It’s just sitting there on my dresser taking up a lot of space.

Alas, I’m visiting family (Roomio is holding down the fort) and they have cable.  And Sunday morning Law & Order is on.  I really miss vintage Sunday morning L&O.  I forgot how much I love watching it for hours and hours and knitting and reading blogs.  I think I just need a L&O channel on the free channels and then my life will be complete.