A few days ago I had the pleasure of visiting Macon for the infamous Cherry Blossom Festival.  I say infamous because I’ve been hearing about it my whole life.  Literally.  My family is from Macon and my mom told my brother and me about it every year, but we never went because it was either my brother’s birthday or we had school…usually both.

So, you can tell this was an exciting event for me.  Especially because, the way Macon acts, you’d have thought Cherry Trees are somehow related to all of them and not Japanese transports.  Like the Cherry Trees saved their lives their first winter as settlers.

There were tons of awesome, nostalgic things to see.

As pretty as the ferris wheel was, there is no way I could get on it.  I’m terrified of heights and the last time I thought I could get on a ferris wheel was 6 1/2 years ago.  As soon as it started moving I started shaking and the shaking didn’t stop for several hours.

I love this outfit and just had to have a picture.  Look at that hat, where does one even go about getting one of those?!

Chico made a friend.  Look at that smile.  He’s so adorable!  I just love him so much.