School is back in!  Starting yesterday.  I like my new schedule and I don’t think I’m going to have to cut paper all quarter!  Whoopie!  After 2 weeks of mostly laying in my bed watching The Office and Weeds while lying under my heated blanket with Chico, it was nice to have been a little productive.  And I missed my new friends.  After we paid for the quarter (highway robbery!!) we headed to Piedmont Park to lie in the sun and get reacquainted.  After tons of rain and cold days here in Atlanta, it was gorgeous out!  I forgot how nice it is to just be out in the sun breathing in the air.  ‘sigh’

Like a good blogger, I took a bunch of pictures from my spot in the shade.

Adorable art school friends K and R.  Sharing secrets (not really) and laughing.

K and A playing frisbee.  I used to have legs like that.

K and Asa.  Asa has a really cool leash.  Although they didn’t meet, I think he and Chico will make great friends.

R was making an awesome sinister/devious face (he’s really good at those and he also specializes in ‘you’re so stupid’ faces) and I asked him to make the face again for this photo and this is what I got.  So…I’m not sure what kind of face this is.

It was a wonderful way to start the quarter, especially now that we’re at the beginning and don’t have assignments to freak out about yet.