The week, the craziness has started up again and it’s only just beginning.  I didn’t have time to write very many posts, but I did take some time outs to peruse the interwebs.

Forest Xylophone, watch it all the way through, seriously.  It’s a work of art and absolutely amazing!  I can’t imagine having the patience to make this.

Katrina‘s Yellow Posting–so pretty!!  She showcased some other colors as well

I received the Anthropologie catalogue in the mail this week and I just want everything in it.  I need a wealthy benefactor to buy me clothes and furnish my apartment.

Dresses, dresses and more dresses, all I want to wear is dresses. ‘sigh’

The cool thing is Ms. Iris has found enough dresses to wear one every day.  I’m a little jealous…

And last but not at all least, these beautiful rings by Kristen Coffin.  I just love rings…they rock!

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!  And maybe be on the lookout for dinosaurs and send me pictures if you happen to see any ;)