I’ve been a horrible blogger this week. It’s been an interesting week, more about that at another time.  I did however find time to catalogue some of the awesome things I came across this week.  Ahem…

This awesome story about paper artist Joe.  After doing all of that work last quarter with an exacto knife, thinking about creating something like this gives me a headache and a ton of respect for Joe.


These gorgeous masks.  I don’t know what I’d do with it if I had one, but they’re so pretty and show great craftsmanship.

Maru, he’s so cute!

Gemma Correll‘s adorable kitty illustrations. 

This is great, by Vioet Bella.

I wish I’d read this before I started blogging!

This website is just amazing!

Have a great weekend!  My birthday is on Monday so I’ll be celebrating with friends and family–one of my buds even made me a cake!