Yesterday, in between my classes, I went on a trying on clothes spree.  It was almost that scene from Sex in the City when Carrie tells the sales associate she’s not to buy shoes under any circumstances, she’s just there to try them on. (I tried to find a video of the scene–no luck)  Once in the dressing room with about 50 things, I realized I haven’t had a Pretty Pictures post in a while and shot my outfit with the iPhone.  Good ‘ol iPhone camera.  What did we do before portable phones with cameras?

Trying to get my whole body in the picture was a challenge.  I don’t have a lot of practice taking photos of myself in the mirror.  I feel like I always look weird.

The funny thing is that I usually hate shopping.  Like, with a passion.  Hence, my obsession with buying clothes and makeup and purses and pretty much everything but computers on ebay.  But, yesterday for some reason, I went to a bunch of stores and tried on many different things without falling in love with any items (except a $40 tee shirt I just couldn’t justify).  Sometime during this experience, I decided I NEED a designer purse and walked around Dillards for about an hour.  Left without one.  I was feeling very un-me, but in a fun way, yesterday.

Necklace: etsy (from 3 years ago, I can’t remember, but it’s an awesome necklace!)
Shirt and vest: c/o Alternative Apparel
Short Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft
Slip ons: Keds
Ring: Lovely Bug