This week has been an interesting one.  I’ve had a couple of bad day with the anxiety (panic) disorder and agoraphobia, but I’m trying to handle them the best I can.  My mom, while her heart is in the right place, feels like I need to change doctors because I’m not “fixed” yet.  ‘sigh’  I will never be fixed, it’s a matter of maintaining.  The chest pains are a better this morning and that’s a start!  I’m maintaining a positive outlook and that’s the most important thing (mostly positive, I have my moments).

Without further ado (I hope you’re all bright eyed after getting up at 4 am and 1 am to watch the royal wedding) the best stuff I found this week: is very similar to lookbook and the sartorialist, but it’s design and community have something super special to offer.  It’s worth a visit just to see their outstanding design.

This necklace is amazing!  It’s from the MOMA Store, they have some really great stuff in there.  This necklace is so unique and interesting.

Coolest. (non gemstone) Ring. Ever.  Seriously.  I know I’d probably ruin half my wardrobe snagging it on things, but it might be worth it and I won’t have to carry pepper spray anymore.  I can totally kick someone’s ass with this ring, no one will want to get in fisticuffs with me :)

Have you SEEN this?!!  These pugs are so cute and silly.  I would’ve just posted the video link, but you must visit cute roulette if you don’t already know about it.  Hours and hours of cute animal fun

This typeface in unbelievable.  One day, I hope, I’ll be able to make kick ass type faces, but until then, I will continue to look at them.

Since reading Katie’s post earlier this week, I have decided I need a watch like this and have been scouring the internet for one.  It’s so feminine and beautiful.

Isn’t this print amazing?  Very talented artist Brett Manning created it and it is breath taking.  I just love it and really want to get my hands of a print of it.  She’s currently sold out :(  Make sure to check out her other works.  They’re absolutely inspiring.