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I’m a little late (a day and some hours).  I was at a friend from school’s going away party.  My first true school friend to get a job and move away…I’m sad and happy for him.  He’ll majorly be missed, but it’s so exciting!!

This list is compiled from all over the place, enjoy!

These shoes are absolutely amazing (can you tell I love shoes?) and were shared by Miss Kaelah Bee.


Best twitter status ever.


Beautiful art.  I hope one day I’ll be able to create something as beautiful as this.


Pantone cookies!!!  These are soooo awesome!


This picture is just amazing.  I love it.


Cutest camera ever!  Diana shared it earlier this week, and while I have no patience to deal with something this delicate that also involves actual, real film!


I don’t know if you guys follow Twaggies, but this is hilarious.  I didn’t mean to put two cat things in a row, but it kind of turned out appropriate.

I love being scratched and bitten during sex. So yeah, totally a cat person.” – @YUCKYBOT



I promise, I’m almost done!  This is was a big week for me finding stuff I deem awesome.  In other news, Twitter and I have had a reawakening.  I forgot how much I love it!  I think my downfall was connecting it to my facebook account.  And that’s completely unrelated to this awesome video:




Cutest picture ever from Carrie‘s beautiful family.


Have a wonderful weekend!!!  Three days for most of us!


As I’m sure you’re aware (unless you’re on the current “good side” of the world and are experiencing autumn, the best season ever) the sun and heat are upon us.  This means sunglasses.  My go to designer sunglasses I scraped and saved for from 5 years ago are broken and in a box in my storage unit somewhere.  This, my friends, makes me uber sad.  I love, love, love  those things and have gone above and beyond to take care of them.  When I was in the store buying the only super designer thing I own (of the Gucci, Prada, Fendi level) freaking about about how much money I was laying down on some plastic with a designer logo, the store associate said, “These are the rules for these sunglasses.  If they’re not on your face, they should be in the case.”  I have stuck to this almost religiously.  But, like I said, they’re broken and in a box somewhere (in their case, mind you).

With some birthday money (because I’m in school and can’t afford life’s little luxuries right now) I scrounged up enough to get some cute Chloe glasses.  But, alas, I realized I don’t need to be dropping that kind of money, even if it is a gift, on a pair of sunglasses.  Even if I love them and they make me feel awesome when I walk in a room (is it weird sunglasses make me feel that way or is it more weird that I walk into rooms with them on?), I can get a lot of gas for that.

Alas, I returned them.  The moral to the story is I’m on the hunt for some cute, reasonably priced sunglasses (preferably under $35 dollars) that make me feel proud to have them on my face, aren’t from a big box store and are “me.”  I have found some I’d like to share and, I’m requesting help.  If you know of some sunnies you like that fit in this category, please leave me a comment with the link.  I will heart you forever and ever.





Apparently, I need to go to Urban Outfitters.  What do you guys think?  Which styles are you into?

So, I thought, when I decided to participate last week, that I already own a lot of heart items.  Apparently, all of those items are in boxes in storage.  I have to scavenge for this necklace.  Here it is, in all it’s glory.

Learn More

I am sharing this hilarity with you…enjoy.  That is if you haven’t been raptured and you’re stuck here for the next 7 years of hell on earth.  Enjoy!





Have a lovely saturday!

It’s been quite a day, quite a day indeed.  I’m glad it’s Friday.  Unfortunately, I don’t feel like I’ve spent my time well today considering the impending apocalypse coming tomorrow.  ‘sigh’  Here’s some awesome things I found around the internets the past 7 days, enjoy.

I wish someone at my old office had been creative enough to make one of these.  I just sent out emails.


Awesomest and most disturbing weapon sales website ever.  Seriously, just click the link.  (The below picture is the kind of taser you can get if you’re in the military and want to shoot scary taser bullets.


Hilarious Windsows 7 commercial parody.

Glitterlimes rock hard.


Beautiful business cards.


This whole collection of pictures is amazing, but I had to choose only one to show.  Really, if you click the source link you can see them all!


Absolutely inspiring Russian illustrations of the zodiac


This whole shop is amazing, but I just love these little pins!


One more thing, a hilarious must read by the lovely Sizzle from Seattle.  When she says don’t read this while eating–don’t.

Have a wonderful weekend (I’m really into alliteration today for some reason)!

Have you ever fell into a song and not been able to get out?  That totally happened to me last night (and still today and probably tomorrow, too.  I jumped on the Christina Perri bandwagon and that song “Arms” is just so good.  I listened to it all the way home from school last night (about 45 minutes) and sang really loudly (appropriate adverb usage?  Not sure).  Most of her songs are about recovering from a debilitating break up (been there), but this one is about finding someone who understands and works to break down her walls (your, my?).  And I really like it and relate to it (about having the walls mostly).  I’m going to go ahead and admit that the last time I got stuck in a song it was Katy Perry’s “Hot n’ Cold” and I emailed it to this dude I was seeing.  With the line, “This is how you make me feel.”  I’m just going to let that sink in for a sec…

Yeah, so, that’s embarrassing.  But, in the 45 minutes of listening to the song and feeling sad about being single, I remembered I’m choosing to be single right now.  Trying to do the right thing for myself.  I was in a very brief relationship a couple of weeks ago.  On my birthday, I realized I haven’t been single on my birthday since I turned 15.  I’m 27.  And, that got me thinking about how I compartmentalize my life by which guy I was with at the time, like, “Oh, that happened in 20__, and I remember that because (insert generic hipster boy name) and I were sitting on the couch…”  And the guy I ended the relationship with is a great guy.  It’s simply not the next right thing for me now.  Because I need more time to learn to love myself.  I’m getting there.  I just need more time and I forget to love myself when I’m in relationships (which also needs to change).  Then I started thinking about ex’s that aren’t so bad now in hindsight and email–then I realized I needed to get it together and step away from the email.  That got me back into the song and the walls and me thinking about finding “that person” (let’s face it, it doesn’t exist, life is hard sometimes.  It isn’t always running through the field singing “The Hills Are Alive”) who will want to break down my walls and…and…

I don’t want walls that need to be broken down.  I don’t have to be broken anymore.  I feel broken, in the sense of a broken toy, you know, damaged.  I don’t want that for myself anymore.  And that’s why I need this time to be single and heal and not consider myself damaged goods (like Sylvia Plath in The Bell Jar.  Things didn’t turn out so great for her. Oven).  I’ve never allowed myself that.

So, I’m giving myself at least 6 months of being single with no, absolutely NO dating.  There is definitely a challenge ahead of me because my go to when I’m hurting is to rope some dude in (I’m laying down the lasso, haha).  I want to get some kind of jewelry symbolizing this change in me considering I’ve never done anything like this before.  And I’m excited and scared.  Maybe a rope ring or something.  Or pendant.

{photo sources: 1, 2, 3}

P.S. I would love to hear from you guys…I miss your comments

It has been unusually cold here this week.  My dad will be happy that I haven’t been running the A/C.  Chico and I have been bundling up under the heated blanket (if you don’t have one, get one–I think I’ve said this on here about 10 times), snuggling and watching Weeds.  And doing homework, let’s not forget about all that.  CSSing and HTMLing up a storm!!

Because I’ve been feeling fat (I know in my brain I’m not fat, but when I look in the mirror I see fat and I just feel fat, you know what I mean?) I haven’t donned leggings in a long time.  But, the lovely lady over at Camelflauge sent me a thong to test out and I had to make sure I was wearing the most camel-toe inducing pants possible–thus, I’m wearing jeggings.

Isn’t this part of my parents’ yard pretty?  I just love that old iron gate and the arbor with roses growing on it.  Just beautiful.  I spent long afternoons of my childhood cutting the black leaf off the roses and getting pricked by the thorns.  Much to my dismay, I was never enchanted by this. ‘sigh’

Back to Camelflage.  (Notice in the pictures, no camel toe.)  I heard about Camelflage from a friend.  She told me she’d heard of this camel toe preventing underwear and we totally thought it was a joke.  “Camelflage,” I balked.  “That can’t be real.”  Then I looked it up online and the website is pretty awesome and Shannon‘s, the inventor, story is really great and real and I relate to it.  I emailed and asked her to send me a pair to test out.  I gotta say, more than Hanky Panky, even more that Commando, this underwear is comfortable!!  Seriously, most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on my body.  And, I didn’t have to worry about leggings camel toe because they really prevent camel toe (I was super skeptical).  Did I mention they’re really comfortable?

The moral of the story is if you want to wear little yoga pants and shorts and stuff like that and you don’t want camel toe and/or you want to be comfortable get some Camelflage.  They totally rock!!

Necklace: Made by me
Shirt: c/o Gentle Fawn
Jeggings:  Charming Charlies
Shoes:  Chinese Laundry
Undies:  c/o Camelflage 

Have a great Wednesday!!

As I have previously mentioned, I recently moved back in with my parents.  I haven’t lived here in a long time.  Because I’m an adult and I’ve lived on my own.  Which means feeding myself (I do appreciate you asking me what I want to eat 50 times a day, mom), having my room however I like it (just because my stuff is strewn all over the place doesn’t mean I don’t know where everything is!  I swear!) and, most importantly, I have paid for and controlled my own air conditioning level.

In case you forgot, I live in Atlanta.  Which is in Georgia.  In the south.  And it gets HOT down here.  Hot like hell, with the flames and brimstone and all that.  Literally (jk, I just love it when people use literally wrong).  I hate summer, it’s way too hot and I hate to be hot.  It’s the worst.  You can’t do anything about it.  I mean, I can only take so much clothing off, you know?  At least when it’s cold I can snuggle up with Chico pup under my heated blanket (best invention ever).

When I lived in my house (I miss it every day, seriously), Roomie and I had an air conditioner compromise.  I wanted it on 68, she wanted it somewhere above 75 (OMG, ridiculous) so we came to an agreement on 73 or 72.  Although, I often waited until she went to bed and turned it lower.  Because there is NOTHING worse than waking up sweaty.  Agreed?  Great.  It’s gross.  Well, guess who likes it on 78?!  My father.  It’s sweltering in here.  78, are you kidding me?  Inside?  REALLY?!

pretend this is me and I was motivated enough to make my own picture

Once I realized the air conditioner in my room wasn’t broken (which I was lead to believe throughout my childhood) I turned it down.  “78,” I thought with a laugh, “must be some kind of mistake.”  Next night (it’s the worst when it’s hot and you’re trying to go to bed, see note above), sweltering again.  I investigated.  Dude, 78, wtf?

While being nice and driving my dad home from the mechanic in the driving rain the next afternoon, I told him I realize that he likes 78 degrees but that it’s much too hot for me to sleep at that temperature and can we compromise on 74?  He laughed (not a fun chuckle, an evil magician’s laugh) and said we can compromise at 76.  I suggested 75 and he replied with 77.  ‘sigh’  Apparently, “it’s a fortune to cool that house in the summer.”  ??  It’s hot!!

The moral of the story is, my dad is trying to drive me out by killing me with the Georgia heat.  The good thing?  I go to bed 2 hours after he does.  So, I totally win.  But, probably only until the power bill comes.


I have decided to participate in Much Love Monday for the first time today.  I’m not a big fan of Mondays, it’s cold and gross outside and I’m going to be at school for 14 hours today.  Hearts are what I need :)

This is a little sticker I have on my laptop.  A good friend gifted it to me.  I love it!

Taken and edited with the iPhone Camera Genius App.

I’m lying in my bed suffering from a crippling bout of anxiety.  (I think I might have spelled ’bout’ wrong, I feel like there’s a silent g in there somewhere)  If only I didn’t have tons of homework and unpacking to do, this behavior might be acceptable.  But, alas, the guilt of being lazy is making the anxiety worse.  I think I may just pack up all of my things and drive them to my storage unit so I don’t have to deal with them.  To me, this sounds like a wonderful idea.  I mean, they’ll still be available to me, just 5 miles away.  Then my floor will be clean and my mom will rejoice.  REJOICE, I say!

This week’s best stuff is going to consist of a few inspirational things, none of which will include Bin Laden or the Royal Wedding (poor Will and Kate, their wedding was totally eclipsed by that terrorist dude’s death…was that distasteful? Totally kidding)

If you’re not following Katie‘s amazing blog, you’re really missing out.  She’s an unbelievable artist.  Her ideas are incredible.  Unfortunately, she had a really bad day this week.  But, she turned it around by buying flowers, walking the streets of New York and giving them out to random strangers.  ‘sigh’  Isn’t that the best?  How amazing.

I know you’ve probably all seen this a million times like 3 years ago, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.  I mean, the lion.  Hugs.  That.  Guy.  Makes me tear up every time.

(on the same page as the above video was this totally  uninspirational video of a lion trying to eat some cheetah cubs.  Lions are such assholes sometimes)


What a great thing to write on the mirror.  Someone, get me some dry erase markers!

Um…watch this.  It’s so funny.

Have a great weekend!  I hope I’ll start to feel better soon :)

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