Over the weekend, I moved again.  Yes, I did just move 2 months ago.  I’ve slowly been moving stuff for the past few weeks and over the weekend the U-Haul got involved.

And, the best part is that I moved in with my parents.  Which, for a long time, I thought would be the worst thing ever.  It’s not so bad, it’s nice ever.  My brother and his girlfriend are there, along with my mom and dad.  It’s nice to have so much time with my brother.  It’s far away and my parents are learning not to parent me and I’m learning my role as an adult, but we’re getting there.

I moved back because art school is expensive, yo!  Much more than I planned.  Not to mention Roomio and I weren’t really working out.

Chico now has a backyard to play in and other dogs to play in the backyard with.  Although he has to wear a shock collar.  Because my mom has an electric fence.  In the house.  Her dogs aren’t really potty trained, so instead of sneaking into another room to pee on the floor, they just do it in the den under the table.  So, it always smells like pee.  Chico’s getting used to it (the collar, not the pee smell).  The first few days were hard for him.  He didn’t understand why he was getting shocked.  I was not happy.

It’s much quieter out there in the area between the suburbs and the sticks.  And pretty and there are birds and frogs.  No dude in a pimped out car blaring some kind of rap that’s bass is so loud is shakes my walls.  Oh, and I also dressed up like a princess over the weekend, but not because of the Royal Wedding.  I make a BA princess.