I’m lying in my bed suffering from a crippling bout of anxiety.  (I think I might have spelled ’bout’ wrong, I feel like there’s a silent g in there somewhere)  If only I didn’t have tons of homework and unpacking to do, this behavior might be acceptable.  But, alas, the guilt of being lazy is making the anxiety worse.  I think I may just pack up all of my things and drive them to my storage unit so I don’t have to deal with them.  To me, this sounds like a wonderful idea.  I mean, they’ll still be available to me, just 5 miles away.  Then my floor will be clean and my mom will rejoice.  REJOICE, I say!

This week’s best stuff is going to consist of a few inspirational things, none of which will include Bin Laden or the Royal Wedding (poor Will and Kate, their wedding was totally eclipsed by that terrorist dude’s death…was that distasteful? Totally kidding)

If you’re not following Katie‘s amazing blog, you’re really missing out.  She’s an unbelievable artist.  Her ideas are incredible.  Unfortunately, she had a really bad day this week.  But, she turned it around by buying flowers, walking the streets of New York and giving them out to random strangers.  ‘sigh’  Isn’t that the best?  How amazing.

I know you’ve probably all seen this a million times like 3 years ago, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.  I mean, the lion.  Hugs.  That.  Guy.  Makes me tear up every time.

(on the same page as the above video was this totally  uninspirational video of a lion trying to eat some cheetah cubs.  Lions are such assholes sometimes)


What a great thing to write on the mirror.  Someone, get me some dry erase markers!

Um…watch this.  It’s so funny.

Have a great weekend!  I hope I’ll start to feel better soon :)

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