As I have previously mentioned, I recently moved back in with my parents.  I haven’t lived here in a long time.  Because I’m an adult and I’ve lived on my own.  Which means feeding myself (I do appreciate you asking me what I want to eat 50 times a day, mom), having my room however I like it (just because my stuff is strewn all over the place doesn’t mean I don’t know where everything is!  I swear!) and, most importantly, I have paid for and controlled my own air conditioning level.

In case you forgot, I live in Atlanta.  Which is in Georgia.  In the south.  And it gets HOT down here.  Hot like hell, with the flames and brimstone and all that.  Literally (jk, I just love it when people use literally wrong).  I hate summer, it’s way too hot and I hate to be hot.  It’s the worst.  You can’t do anything about it.  I mean, I can only take so much clothing off, you know?  At least when it’s cold I can snuggle up with Chico pup under my heated blanket (best invention ever).

When I lived in my house (I miss it every day, seriously), Roomie and I had an air conditioner compromise.  I wanted it on 68, she wanted it somewhere above 75 (OMG, ridiculous) so we came to an agreement on 73 or 72.  Although, I often waited until she went to bed and turned it lower.  Because there is NOTHING worse than waking up sweaty.  Agreed?  Great.  It’s gross.  Well, guess who likes it on 78?!  My father.  It’s sweltering in here.  78, are you kidding me?  Inside?  REALLY?!

pretend this is me and I was motivated enough to make my own picture

Once I realized the air conditioner in my room wasn’t broken (which I was lead to believe throughout my childhood) I turned it down.  “78,” I thought with a laugh, “must be some kind of mistake.”  Next night (it’s the worst when it’s hot and you’re trying to go to bed, see note above), sweltering again.  I investigated.  Dude, 78, wtf?

While being nice and driving my dad home from the mechanic in the driving rain the next afternoon, I told him I realize that he likes 78 degrees but that it’s much too hot for me to sleep at that temperature and can we compromise on 74?  He laughed (not a fun chuckle, an evil magician’s laugh) and said we can compromise at 76.  I suggested 75 and he replied with 77.  ‘sigh’  Apparently, “it’s a fortune to cool that house in the summer.”  ??  It’s hot!!

The moral of the story is, my dad is trying to drive me out by killing me with the Georgia heat.  The good thing?  I go to bed 2 hours after he does.  So, I totally win.  But, probably only until the power bill comes.