It has been unusually cold here this week.  My dad will be happy that I haven’t been running the A/C.  Chico and I have been bundling up under the heated blanket (if you don’t have one, get one–I think I’ve said this on here about 10 times), snuggling and watching Weeds.  And doing homework, let’s not forget about all that.  CSSing and HTMLing up a storm!!

Because I’ve been feeling fat (I know in my brain I’m not fat, but when I look in the mirror I see fat and I just feel fat, you know what I mean?) I haven’t donned leggings in a long time.  But, the lovely lady over at Camelflauge sent me a thong to test out and I had to make sure I was wearing the most camel-toe inducing pants possible–thus, I’m wearing jeggings.

Isn’t this part of my parents’ yard pretty?  I just love that old iron gate and the arbor with roses growing on it.  Just beautiful.  I spent long afternoons of my childhood cutting the black leaf off the roses and getting pricked by the thorns.  Much to my dismay, I was never enchanted by this. ‘sigh’

Back to Camelflage.  (Notice in the pictures, no camel toe.)  I heard about Camelflage from a friend.  She told me she’d heard of this camel toe preventing underwear and we totally thought it was a joke.  “Camelflage,” I balked.  “That can’t be real.”  Then I looked it up online and the website is pretty awesome and Shannon‘s, the inventor, story is really great and real and I relate to it.  I emailed and asked her to send me a pair to test out.  I gotta say, more than Hanky Panky, even more that Commando, this underwear is comfortable!!  Seriously, most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on my body.  And, I didn’t have to worry about leggings camel toe because they really prevent camel toe (I was super skeptical).  Did I mention they’re really comfortable?

The moral of the story is if you want to wear little yoga pants and shorts and stuff like that and you don’t want camel toe and/or you want to be comfortable get some Camelflage.  They totally rock!!

Necklace: Made by me
Shirt: c/o Gentle Fawn
Jeggings:  Charming Charlies
Shoes:  Chinese Laundry
Undies:  c/o Camelflage 

Have a great Wednesday!!