It’s getting to that time in the quarter again.  I was at school until 4am on Memorial Day.  Watching Weeds and working on Chico’s comic and getting really frustrated with Illustrator.  For me, it was shocking how many people were there all night.  It was like a very quiet, all night slumber party with very little talking and a lot of deranged exhaustion laughing.  It was awesome.

I, of course, took the opportunity to take pictures of myself while zoning out and making faces.  What kind of blogger would I be if I wasn’t?

Also this week, I tried my hand at stamp making.  For one of my projects, I have to create a take away item for a restaurant.  I wanted to make letter pressed coasters (which may be unrealistic for any restaurant–I don’t even know if letter pressing coasters is a good idea, but in my mind, it looks really cool).  Unfortunately, even though I was sure I could convince the print shop to make three for a discounted price (because I only need 3 and am a student) it’s $140 per design.  ‘sigh’  Who knew?  (Apparently everyone but me)  So, instead of letter press, I’m making a stamp and hope it will have a letter press feel.

Ya’ll, stamp making is harder than it seems.  The tutorials I watched make it seem soooo easy!

And then, last night, I took Chico and Atticus (their “problem dog”) to frolic in a field of grass and they were both overjoyed and mugged me with huge smiles.  So cute.

Did you have anything great (or not so great) happen this week?