This is what happened on Twitter from me, @WindsorGrace last week.  During the week of no sleep.  Enjoy.

(Unless otherwise noted, these all take place between 3 and 7am on different days)

I think I have a fever

Die from tiredness? Does that happen?

Seriously, this is the best mix ever

I just realized I’m listening to techno. How long has this been on?

Crows, seriously. Shut the fuck up.

Why are there even crowd awake right now?

What do crows do at 7am when I haven’t slept? Are worms even up at this time?

Maybe the crows are eating the frog I just saw. The first one I’ve ever seen in the city

(I was corrected later and told it was a toad.  Who cares.  I was up all night!!)

Now there are a million birds out there making screechy noises

We’re making a pulley system over here!

Work work work

(Early afternoon)

Back at school. And I’m not sure what day it is

So far, my high pitched humming to La Roux isn’t annoying anyone

need at least 2 more hours of sleep to make up for the last 5 days

Dear flys, get the FUCK away from me

Did that just happen? Seriously

And now, tonight, I can’t sleep again.  OMG.