A while ago, I made a second shop called Lovely Bug Vintage, (I didn’t want the jewelry to get confused with my knits) although it’s not all vintage.  When I made it, that was the plan, but plans change.  I wanted to sell vintage jewelry I found from estate sales (I have a jewelry problem, seriously).  Carrie Ann has a thrifting problem she often talks about and I have a similar jewelry problem.  She made a shop for her thrifting finds and I thought this was an awesome idea.  I will still be able to buy the jewelry and then just pass it on to someone else.  Everyone wins.

But, then I remembered all of jewelry I made last year and earlier this year and thought, I should list those, too.  Because those pieces are still awesome and I still love them.  So, here it is.  Launching slowly.  As I make time to edit pics.

{click to enlarge}