I had a nice holiday on Monday.  But it stormed.  For half of the day.  Beautiful, sunny, hot.  Then, around 2, clouds came in.  And thunder.  But, it’s Atlanta, it does that every day.  No worries.  There will still be fireworks.  Nope.  It stormed for the rest of the day, complete with wind and a bad attitude frowny face from me.

I was able to get some great pictures before the storm clouds rolled in.

Publix cupcakes, yo!  Srsly, Publix cupcakes are the best cupcakes on earth.  The icing is amazing and the cake is so moist (yes, I’m cringing that I just used that word, too).

Chico was doing his usual staring at me and not telling me what he wanted routine.  He looked adorable, so I had to snap a pic.

My mom and dad are amazing garenders and they love to work in the yard.  My mom’s flowers are absolutely gorgeous and I just had to share.  Notice, most of the flowers are red, white and blue.

Aren’t they just to die for?  It’s so lovely to sit on the back porch and read.

I love this little UGA’s face (the bulldog).  He’s is so cute and pouty and all of us dog owners have seen this face on our own pooch.  There are two of them, another one is on the driveway.  I used to think they were moving him around (it’s a long story, but this isn’t a ridiculous thought) and then I realized that was silly for them to move him so often (by “them” I mean “my dad”).  He’s fun to photograph (the statue, not my dad.  My dad is a pain to take pictures of).

These are my mom’s rose bushes.  They are so beautiful.  As a kid, I hated picking the black spot off of them.  They’re pokey!  But, after years of tender love and care, they have grown into beautiful, big flowers.  I’m so proud of my mom for persisting!  And, the arbor is something she envisioned for the gate and had made.  Isn’t it pretty?

What’d you do for the 4th?

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Have a great Tuesday!