I hate being bored.  And, today is the mother of boring days.  Seriously, I’m a little worried I’m just going to keel over from it.  I have nothing to do all day.  Nothing to look forward to.  Until bed.  I’m not good at handling these days after several in a row (by several I mean half a day).  I’ve knitted, watched Weeds, thought about doing some photoshop tutorials, texted friends and whined about being bored, thought about my past life when I had a job and wasn’t bored, thought about 2 weeks ago when I was super busy and staying up for days on end, hating my life, being mad at myself for being bored.  Not really action packed.  And now that I live outside of the city, driving to people who are available costs like $5 in gas.

Chico keeps staring at me.  Like he wants something.  He comes and stares.  And then he leaves and comes back.  It’s super adorable, but a little annoying.  These pictures are all from one morning, by the way.  He changes positions, walks away, comes back.  Same expression.

He left for a bit.

But, back to the boredom.  It’s excruciating.  I actually broke down and cried a little bit.  That is how bored I am.  But, I finished a painting.  I’ve only been working on it when I can’t sleep, so it took a while.  I had so little to finish that I just went ahead and completed it today.  I need something complicated to work on so when I’m bored or can’t sleep, I can get into detail.

And, he's back!

Please send me interesting comments.  Or non interesting ones.  Just something!  Say something so I’m not crying because of boredom!