After posting this yesterday about dying from boredom, I read Miss Mal’s blog post about 10 things that bring her joy and decided this is a good thing for me to participate in.

So here are

  1. Chico (duh)
  2. Working hard at something I love
  3. My knitting designs
  4. My paintings
  5. My eyes
  6. When I feel good about the way I look and give myself a break and stop telling myself I’m fat.  I’m getting better at accepting what I see in the mirror and this is a small miracle.
  7. My wonderful lady friends
  8. My new job (not the actual job, but the fact that I’m making some money)
  9. My computer
  10. How much work I’ve done on myself in the past 2 years to grow into the best me I can be
What are your 10 things?  Tell me in the comments or link to your own blog post