This was a good week, although it was hot.  Very hot.  Like, over 100 hot in the lovely ATL.  Even though the week was a good one, I have been complain-y.  About the weather, the drive from my parrents’ house to everything else in my life, how fat I feel (I’m not looking for sympathy, just sayin’ I feel fat), what I have to do this weekend, the weather.  Then, I hung out with some friends last night and they were talking about gratitude and being grateful for their lives and what they have and all of that good stuff.  So, this coming week (starting today) I’m going to work for “An Attitude of Gratitude.”  It’s going to be great :)

This lovely tutorial by Katrina.  She’s awesome.  And so is this knowledge.

Um….this is awesome.  My mom knew about it, how did I not know?!  I have the eye makeup primer and it works like a miracle, so I imagine this is the same.


Most adorable picture of Rachel and Wicket


This picture needs no caption


Free font, yo!  Get it here

Have a wonderful weekend!