I don’t know about you, but I’ve been following the Amanda Knox trial since the beginning.  And she may get out of jail soon.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go here, then come back.

This trial has meant a lot to me over the last 4 years.  Because, honestly, this could’ve been me or any of my friends if we studied abroad and a roommate was murdered–shit happens.  It just happened to be Amanda.  And the way she’s handled this atrocity has been amazing.  She had a smile on her face (not in a creepy way) through friends’ testimonies, encouraging them.  She’s been reassuring her family she’s okay.  She kept it together through a guilty verdict even though the Italian police have no real evidence against her.  Their main damning point is that there was a hair of hers in her roommate’s room.  They were roommates!  I’m sure I had tons of hairs in Roomie’s room when we lived together.  I was always in there talking to her and jumping around while she was reading.

I’ve watched in anticipation as Amanda was thrown under the bus by the Italian government, I grimaced through her trial and couldn’t believe it when she was sentenced.  Seriously, ridiculous.  I’m ecstatic that her case is being reopened and re-examined.  It really looks like she’ll get out.  While I don’t know her at all, I feel like she’s a friend.  She’s an inspiration.  If you feel the same way, you can write to her in jail by sending letters or postcards here:

Amanda Knox
casa circondariale “Capanne” di Perugia
Strada pievaiola
06100 Perugia-Italia

Remember the Italian police will probably read all of her mail, so keep it clean and encouraging.  And, if you have an interest in supporting her, visit here, friendsofamanda.org.