This morning I saw Slaight at the front door.  She’s 16.  My first animal and now my dad’s (my parents wouldn’t let me take her when I moved out).  She comes to the door when she wants to come in and just sits there because she knows it may take a little while, she’s pretty patient.  See, the dogs have an electric fence inside the house and they wear special collars so they can’t leave the living room or kitchen (they go to the bathroom everywhere–except Chico) but they can still come to the threshold of the living room and act like they are going to eat Slaight).  So, every time she comes in she has to come to the front door and it’s a huge production to let her in because that door doesn’t open easily and the dogs freak and their collars beep and it’s ridiculous.  We all know they aren’t going to go past the shock line. Why bark like that?  Ugh

As cats do, Slaight takes her sweet time getting up and coming in the door.  Sometimes she just stands in between the door and the foyer and stares at me.  To be an ass.  This morning I saw her little ears over the glass of the door and assumed she needed to come in.  No.  I went through the whole process of opening the door and arousing the dogs and she gave me this horrible look.  So, to teach her a lesson, I shut the door and decided not to wait for her.  To teach her a lesson, you know, to come in the house in my time.  Because it’s all about me.  ‘sigh’  I have been trying to teach that cat a lesson since I got her and she still operates in cat time.  And I realized today how ridiculous I am.

P.S. I don’t think I’m getting this whole “break” thing from the August Break.  If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been posting in the cry babies tag a lot this week because I’ve been freaking out about school.  Like, freaking out.  Hopefully, this week will be better.