OMG, I made it through the quarter!  Woot!

When I woke up yesterday, I felt like I was in a nightmare–I was soooo nervous about my critique!  In my first two quarters I felt relieved on critique day, but not yesterday.  I was petrified.  But, I went to it and it went well.  I got some great constructive criticism, they didn’t absolutely hate everything I made.  I was so scared that they were going to tell me everything I created over the last 10 weeks sucked and I’m never going to be a good designer and I should quit now and then throw tomatoes at me and ruin my pretty dress.  That didn’t happen.  It was really nice.

Now, I’m on my break and I have no idea what to do with myself.  I picked up a knitting project I haven’t worked on in…I don’t know, a year?  This thing is ridiculous, ya’ll (there are pictures in the link).  I looked through almost all of my knitting books and magazines last night and was convinced I wanted to pull it all out and start a new project (my mom was all like, “You CANNOT pull this out, all this work!”).  But, after looking at hundred of pages of patterns, I decided to keep going with it.  Sigh.

Today, Chico and I are chillin’.  We’re basking in the light of our success (I consider it our success because he’s spent a lot of long nights glaring at me while I worked on projects until the wee hours of the morning).  Maybe we’ll finally get a chance to get together with those Asian Cajuns.

(the letter o provided by Daily Drop Cap)