Atticus Finch, my mom’s maltipoo, has been having some health issues lately.  He’s always had attitude issues, but this was different.  He was peeing lakes (they were lakes to have come out of an 8 lb dog), unable to hold his urine, going blind, having trouble climbing the stairs and just more ornery than usual.  And more bitey (he’s an especially bitey dog).  We feared the worst.

My mom took him to the vet yesterday and found out that he had kidney failure and the most humane thing to do was put him to sleep.  So, she made the difficult decision.  She cried and love on him and turned him over to the vet.  Did I mention her birthday was yesterday?  What a birthday gift.

So, we’ve been in mourning for the last day.  It’s sad to not have his little face angrily biting our feet and shoes.  It’s weird to not have him lying by his bowls and making weird noises all day (he felt his life duty was to maintain certain water and food levels).  It’s just sad.